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Welcome to Breeder Guard!

Breeder Guard is a Proxy service for breeders to use to shield them from Domestic AR Terrorists.

First, Breeder Guard verifies the identity of the breeder. We then work within the registry's guidelines for each breeder. 

How does it work?

The Breeder Guard Service is a patent pending (Provisional Patent in place) service. You can't get this from anyone else!

We are the liaison between the registry where the breeder registered your animal, and you, the consumer. We handle all contact between the two parties until you register your animal (unless Premium Service is available from the registry). 

Once you purchase the animal, you can register it using the registration papers that came with the animal. When you receive the papers back, the breeders information will be on the papers (unless the registry allows the use of our premium service - explained below).

Why are they using this service? Why isn't the breeders information on my papers already?

Lately, Animal Rights Terrorists have been targeting breeders using data that is gleaned from glancing at animal registration papers at various consumer retail outlets, like the one where you purchased your animal from. 

This targeting has increased to the point that many breeders are concerned for their safety, and the well being of their animals. As a result, some breeders were falsely targeted by the AR movement trying to do anything they could to shut them down, even though there was nothing wrong with the conditions that they were keeping the animals, or the practices they were using to market their animals. Simply put, the AR people want ALL animal sales to be eliminated at all costs. They will lie, cheat, steal, do anything they can to accomplish this goal. And they also want to take away your rights to purchase and own a family pet. assists them in protecting themselves from these entities by shielding them from casual viewing of their information, until the consumer has actually purchased the animal (unless Premium Service is allowed by the registry - read below).
Will you contact the breeder for me, and ask them the questions I have about the animal I purchased?

ABSOLUTELY!! That is part of our service. We willl be the conduit between you, the consumer, and the breeder that bred the animal that you purchased until you register the animal. 

Once you purchase the animal, you will be provided with registration papers that contain the Breeder Guard ID for the animal you purchased. You can then send in these registration papers. When you receive your animal's official registration papers, the breeder's information will be on the papers and you can then contact them directly if you so wish (unless the registry allows the use of Premium Level Service, explained below).

We also have sections dedicated to each breeder, to show you what they do and how your animal was raised, to give you peace of mind that you made the right choice.

If you decide to not register the animal(s) that you purchased, Breeder Guard will be your liaison with the breeder. 

What is Premium Level Service, and why did the breeder choose this?

Premium Level Service allows the breeder to remain undisclosed even after registration. Your registration papers will have a note under the Breeder Guard number explaining that the breeder selected this service (if the registry allows this service - not all registries do!). 

Some breeders use this service because they wish to remain anonymous, they just choose to not be contacted directly at all.

In this case, your contact with the breeder will be only through the Breeder Guard Service. We will be the source of information for you.

How do I contact you?

Easy! e-mail us at Please include the Breeder Guard ID # if you are contacting us in reference to a particular animal.Our standard office hours are 8am to 5pm Eastern US time, and we strive to return e-mails within 1 standard business day after receipt. 



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